Postpartum Doula Home Visits

"Dear new mum, In the first six weeks + after giving birth, you should be waited on, taken care of and loved so that you can fully love your newborn in return."

-Julia Jones


After bub arrives is another big chapter in your life that you won’t forget, so I want to help make this 4th trimester as smooth as possible for you and your family with encouragement and support. I work with pregnant women and newborn mums who want to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed once bub arrives. My blueprint will help show you how to switch on your intuition, tune into your baby and be the mum you want to be.


So let me help by taking a part of the load off your shoulders and take care of you, wait on you and nurture you so that you can fully love your newborn in return. Learn about sleep, breastfeeding and village-building, and create a plan for postpartum peace and joy.


What a Postpartum visit can include:

-Provide Breastfeeding support as well as bottle & breast pumping)
-Birth debriefing session,
-Assist with newborn care,
-Do light household chores-cleaning & laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc,
-Assist with preparing nutritious meals and home organization,
-Run errands for you or together with you,
-Even looking after older siblings at home,
-Baby-wearing support and guidance,
-Belly-bonding wrap guidance,
-Teach you infant massage,
-Hand, foot and neck aromatherapy massages,
-Gel and polish manicures and pedicures,
-Reassurance and emotional support,
-Look after bub so you can have a shower or nap without interruption,
-Be your extra support if no family close around,
-Phone and email support between visits,
-What ever else your family may need.

Packages- (Payment plans available)


*Gift Vouchers are also available and make great baby shower gifts.

Baby Shower package / $250

The best baby shower gift you can give a new mum with a total of 6 hours of home support visits.

Welcome Home Package / $500

Settle in at home and find your rhythm with a total of 12 hours of  home support visits.

Fully Nurtured /  $980 (Save  $20)
Feel nurtured while you have peace nurturing your little one, with a total of 24 hours of home support visits.

Fully Rested / $1450 (Save $50)
​Complete your 4th trimester with rest knowing you will have a total of 36 hours of home support visits.

Customized Package I $…to be discussed
Looking for a personalized package to meet your family’s postpartum needs?
​Schedule a consultation today and together we can craft your perfect support package. 
Rates - $45 per hour, with minimum 2 hour visit.