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1 placenta, 2 cords


I have been trained in preparing placenta encapsulations. Carefully cleaned, steamed, dehydrated and then ground into capsules and placed in beautiful jars for you to reap the benefits during your 4th trimester.

I have completed the Bloodborne Pathogen certification.

Placenta encapsulation has many benefits for the mother:

-speeding up postpartum bleeding, healing & recovery
-increases milk supply
-increase energy
-improves iron levels/decreases anemia risk
-helps balance moods & regulates hormones
-lowers the risk of baby blues & postpartum depression

Placentas are collected within 6-12 hours after birth, so we can do our best to process and return your capsules within 48 -72 hours. I transfer your placenta in an iced esky.

 Encapsulating Packages and fees:


I offer TCM method known for its balancing and calming benefits. This method is done by steaming the placenta before dehydrating with ginger, lemongrass and ginger. *Recommended for those that are GBS+.

I also offer the Simple method known for its energizing and stabilizing benefits. This method is done without steaming the placenta before dehydrating.



The full package-Capsules, cord, Tincture and print $300


Just Capsules- (with cord keepsake) $250 for either TCM method or Simple method (Payment Plans available)


Placenta prints- now available for extra $10 on beautiful thick watercolor paper that you can keep or frame.


Placenta Tincture- $50


Placenta Tinctures is made from a small piece of the mother's own raw placenta after birth, steeping in high-quality, 100proof alcohol making a strong remedy or 'mother' over 6 weeks. It is said that placenta tincture is used for emotional, mental, and psychological instability and may also be very beneficial for treating PMS and menopause. One drop is equivalent to a capsule, this 100ml volume will last a long-time after capsules are used up. 

*This fee includes pickup and drop off and umbilical cord keepsake for those delivering at Hawkesbury, Nepean and Blacktown hospital, or homebirths. If you are located outside these areas and your hospital is further than 30 kms away from me then it will cost $300 to cover travel expenses for pickup, and postage to send back your capsules. 

*If your having twins then the total cost will be $300,  ($350 if outside 30 kms away.)

If you would like to be emailed my detailed booking form & contract before making a decision please email me by clicking on this button below. 

Placenta Capsules & Cord Keepsake- $250
Placenta Tincuture -$40
Placenta Print-$10

"The placenta is considered a sacred medicine, a 'full of life force' organ and placenta remedies are an important part of birthing history." -Jill Cameron, DC