Birth Mapping Sessions

Creating your birth map is better than a Birth Plan/wish list....

Not getting the answers you are after from your local hospital? ...Feeling unprepared even after attending the hospitals birthing classes? ...Do you desire to create a ‘Birth Plan’ but it’s overwhelming and you just feeling unknowledgeable?  

This session includes a 2 hours private consultation at your home or cafe. (Virtual options too.) I will be able to help explain your options for giving birth at the hospital (or your options for an elective cesarean). I will be able to give you the pro and cons of the options and choices you do actually have including the situations where the staff need your consent for something so that you can feel best informed. It can seem overwhelming at first but that's why it's helpful to have already prepared for, just in case circumstances change as when your in labour, your a bit more vulnerable and stressed to make up decisions that you haven’t prepared for. I can help answer your questions about birth, and after birth and baby.

Fee- $150 (includes a physical copy of "The Birth Map book")

*Virtual online classes are available and still include a physical copy of this book that I will post out to you.


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