Childbirth Debriefing Session

"A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth."

-Anna Verwaal


Sometimes birth unfolds in a way that can leave you feeling confused, angry, sad or even traumatized/distressed. These strong feelings can impact how you see yourself as a mother, a woman and a partner, and so sometimes having closure is what helps us move along.

You may have tried to bring up how you are feeling about your birth experience and may have been met with comments like, “it’s time to move on now” or “all that matters is a healthy baby and mum”, or “its' all right, you'll have a different experience next time”. These comments are invaliding and not helpful. If you have experienced a disappointing or traumatic birth one of the first steps to healing is often to debrief with someone who understands the importance of how birth affects women.


I offer an in-person or virtual confidential birth debriefing session. This is an opportunity to be heard by someone who ‘gets it’ and is also a chance to go through your birth in detail to help make sense of what happened. Some women find that getting it all out is enough for them to make peace and begin to move forward with their healing, others may want to have a few sessions over time. This session will include a coffee or tea of your choice.

*This is not an accredited counseling service, I cannot diagnose post-natal depression or anxiety or provide medication. If after discussion we feel that your needs are out of the scope of a doula, I can refer you to local services to receive continued support.

Fee- $50 for a 1-hour session, in-person or virtual option available