Birth Support

Research shows that women are best supported in labour by a known, initiated and experienced caregiver. If the caregiver was part of the woman’s immediate social circle, they could easily be drawn into a sympathy loop. A Doula safely holds the space for the couple to come completely undone through the birthing process, and guides them away from any feelings of stress, anxiety or overwhelm when they feel they cannot go on.


I am inspired by guiding ladies and their partners to agree with their heart and INTUITION, become aware of and RELEASE any fears step into their POWER, and BIRTH THEIR BABY!

As your doula I will be there to keep the birth space positive. I can provide a calm, safe place so that you can voice your emotions with out worry of judgement. Birth is transformative, and my heart is called to empower women.


DOULA- [doo-lah] -Greek definition

a compassionate advisor that provides comfort, encouragement, and support during one of life's most significant moments. an incredible person who empowers, supports, and instills self-belief in the women they care for. they are masters at listening and will advise, encourage and counsel all whilst reminding women of the power they hold. a truly amazing doula is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget.


Are you looking for a Birth Doula/keeper?


Someone who protects the birth environment while supporting you to navigate pregnancy, labour and maternity systems? To help advocate for you when you are vulnerable in labour? To remind you of the options and choices you have in the hospital and the pros and cons of certain interventions.  Working together we will alleviate any fear you may have around pregnancy & childbirth which allows for gentler, smoother, more connected and relaxed birthing. You will find your voice and make informed decisions that enable you to feel more connected and at peace with your own birth choices. Plus create a great birth team supporting your partner too.


 A person who stands with you as your labour and birth, and encourage and supports the partner and any other children present.

As a birth doula or birth keeper, I Nadia, accompany women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I am a certified doula, having completed training approved by DONA International in California since I was 19 years old, with continuous ongoing training.


I provide emotional support, physical support and informational support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions IF and as they arise. I do believe that when a woman has the support she needs, feels safe, loved and trusts her body, she can flourish best in labour when left undisturbed. I do tend to just bring that calmness, comfort, reassurance many mothers and partners desire.


I also get hired to simply support the partner, and help guide the partner in his role while respecting his comfort level, as when a woman is in labour, she is in her primal brain so all the questions or things the partner may like to do or ask her, find they may disturb or distract her, so he is able to talk and ask me instead, and she can know he is being taken care of.


I provide reassurance and perspective for you and your partner, and can make suggestions for the labor progress, and help with relaxation, massage, positioning, and other techniques for comfort if asked. I am independent and self-employed. As your doula, I am working for you, not your midwife or hospital.



"Could not recommend Nadia at my Sacred Birth and Beyond more. From the first prenatal session to the last postnatal session Nadia was professional, kind, informative, compassionate, gentle and supportive. I was able to go through my pregnancy and birth feeling prepared and supported by Nadia even when the medical staff tried to scare me into a birth I did not want Nadia gave me the confidence I needed to not be bullied into a birth that was more convenient for the ob and not the birth I wanted. Then when it came to the actual labour, Nadia had a sense of calm about her that was infectious in the room and I would not have been able to get through the brutal labour and delivery due to pre existing medical issues without Nadia and her belief in me and what I was capable of. Will definitely be using Nadia’s services again next time and will be gifting her postnatal services to all future friends for their baby showers as they were a godsend in those first few weeks ... thank you Nadia"
-Bec M

"I can't recommend Nadia from My Sacred Birth and Beyond enough. From the prenatal preparations, through the labour and the early days with a newborn, Nadia has proven to be worth her weight in gold. I found Nadia in the turmoil of a complicated second pregnancy when we just moved to a new area with no family or friends support network whatsoever right before covid hit. Nadia was such an informative and compassionate women's advocate in a sea of misinformation, helping me navigate my journey to an amazing birth experience. I wish I met her when I had my first! She supported me during the actual labour, made sure I was comfortable, eased the pain during contractions, was my voice when I was not in a state to talk and stayed until I was comfortable to be on my own (as no one else was allowed during covid). When back home she eased our transition to a family of 4 in those first weeks, making sure I am fed, rested and nurtured to handle the newborn and our busy toddler. Every mum needs a Nadia."
-Christina E


What is included in my Birth doula packages?


Pregnancy Support:

– Two antenatal visits to support your pregnancy, practice comfort measures, create your birth plan, and discuss your postpartum plan (2 hours each)

– Phone and text, and email support during the rest of your pregnancy

– 24/7 on-call for labor support beginning at 37 weeks

– Access to lending library of DVD and books

-Birth pool hire available too


During Labor & Birth:

– Phone and text message support while you are in early labor, to asses progress and provide comfort techniques.

– Continuous support during active labor and delivery to provide comfort measures, promote labor progress and offer emotional and informational support. Help with relaxation includes breathing, massage, visualization, lighting, diffuser/essential oils, comfort measures, music and meditation.

– Help with pain management including, but not limited to: massage, hot and cold therapy, use of tens unit, counter pressure, rebozo shawl techniquics, visualizations, and positioning suggestions.



- I typically stay one to two hours in the immediate postpartum to nourish you, help clean up and help you establish breastfeeding.

- A postpartum visit a few days after birth where I can assist with breastfeeding and support you with any other recovery and healing needs.

Many of the Pregnant Mums I speak to feel…


✕ Fearful and anxious about their upcoming birth

✕ Overwhelmed with all the available options for childbirth education and coping strategies for labour

✕ Worried about the uncertainty and unpredictability of birth

✕ Unprepared on how to manage their labour and birth without pharmaceutical pain relief or other interventions

✕ They can’t completely surrender and trust in their body and the birthing process

✕ Unsure how their partner will manage supporting them through a long labour, and if they can rely on them to make difficult decisions in the moment

✕ Niggling feelings about the potential for a difficult and unsupported birth having a negative effect on them long term

✕ Concerned about how they will cope in newborn phase without a village

Mums who have engaged the support of a doula feel…


✓ Empowered in their birth choices and confident in their human right to achieve a positive, peaceful birth

✓ They know exactly what birth outcome they want, and have all the necessary tools to achieve this

✓ Everything external to them is taken care of and their only responsibility is to focus on breathing and birthing their baby

✓ Feel confident in the event of an emergency that their wishes will be met

✓ Reassurance that they would have continuous presence & unwavering support from their highly skilled birth team

✓ That their partner would feel confident in their role and be an active participant in childbirth

✓ Their human right to birth autonomously is protected with a strong & vocal advocate

✓ They will be nurtured, cared for and loved as a new mother



It’s the best of both worlds- a doula and professional birth photographer in one! If I'm already going to be there and apart of your birth team, why not also capture your birth story and take the pressure off your partner?

It’s best described as an intuitive dance. Reading the energy of the women and meeting their needs as they ebb and flow. With my camera always close by, I am always watching for signs when I need to provide hands-on or emotional support and when it's a good time to capture a priceless image.

Other Services

Antenatal Support

For upcoming parents who need support with things like birth mapping, antenatal classes, Beer and Bubs.

Birth Support

For home birth and hospital birth doula support, as well as birth photography.

Postpartum Support

For home assistance and care, placenta encapsulation, placenta art.