Birth Photography

You will have stretched yourself further than you thought possible. You will have breathed deeper; felt an intensity you didn’t know existed. You will have discovered depths of yourself and your relationship with your partner that you didn’t even know were there. And then you will begin to forget it…. Don’t let these amazing memories disappear. Preserve them for you, your children, and your children’s children.


Birth Photography is not just capturing the moment of birth, but all the little moments that you didn’t even notice that together make up your birth story.

Remember your incredible moments of bringing life into this world with a birth photographer specialist. Someone who isn't going to be in your way but like a 'fly on the wall and supporting you through your labour and capturing the YOUR birth story. Offering hospital birth photography, free-births, and home births in Toowoomba, Ipswich and Brisbane hospitals and homebirths.


But Why Birth?

I decided to learn professional birth photography because I missed out when I had my 3 children. I didn't plan or think of even asking anyone to take any photos actually. But if I had, I know my partner would have forgotten as he was all caught up in the moments of becoming a new father, as he should, otherwise they wouldn't have been too excellent in the dark room anyway.


I was lucky enough though at one of my births, my midwife noticed no one was taking any photos at the end, so she got my phone out and took a couple. I will be forever grateful for the few she did take, as it was then I regretted not having someone there to take more quality, photos of my whole birth story.


You really do start to forget the details of your births, and even the little things like the birth environment, what others were doing at the different stages, plus all the true, beautiful emotions as you become parents. Even though birth photography is very raw and can be unflattering at times, it is the most beautiful photography of all I believe! It's very addicting and inspiring to watch other women give birth. Don't miss out as I have! I would be honoured to capture YOUR story!


Birth Photography Packages

Remember your incredible moments of bringing life into this world with a birthing photography specialist. Someone who isn't going to be in your way but rather supporting you through your labour and capturing the whole process. Offering hospital birth photography, free-birth and home birth.

Birth Photography minimum package includes:
  • on call from 37 weeks, arriving once in active labour until 2-3 hours postpartum

  • Your announcement photos edited within 24hours after birth

  • High-resolution photos via digital download from online gallery

  • Slideshow made from the photos and small video clips with added music

Birth Photography Only from $1500

Complete Story Package

Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photography

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Birth Photography
AND Doula Support Package
from $2,500

Learn how a Doula can significantly improve your pregnancy and labour experience + get your lovely photos too!

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