Birth Doula Support

As a birth doula, I Nadia, accompany women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I am a certified doula, having completed training approved by DONA International back in 2009. I provide emotional support, physical support and informational support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions as they arise. I provide reassurance and perspective for you and your partner, and make suggestions for the labor progress, and help with relaxation, massage, positioning, and other techniques for comfort. I also fully support and help guide the partner in his role while respecting his comfort level. I am independent and self-employed. As your doula, I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital. I do offer both hospital and homebirths and freebirths.






Doula Support

for homebirths & Free-births (un-assisted)



Before labor -2 prenatal visits

I will meet with you and your partner at least twice more before labor to get more acquainted. Then we can explore and discuss your priorities and any fears or concerns you have and if it’s your first, what labor may be like, your options and discussing interventions and medical terms if you wish. We will also go over your birth preferences if you decide to use one and how we might best work together. I have completed the Birth Mapping Cartography training. I can also attend with you any appointments or prenatal classes (childbirth or breastfeeding classes, etc.) as requested.

During Labour

I will be giving you my personal contact information for 24/7 informational/ emotional support from the time you hire me. Feel free to call, text, or email me any time with any questions, concerns, or for encouragement. I also commit to being on call to attend your birth from 37 weeks gestation until birth.

Ways I can support you physically in labour include but are not limited to:

  • -  Massage/counter pressure

  • -  Assisting with a TENS machine (which I have)

  • -  Birthing ball positions

  • -  Suggesting and assisting with position changes

  • -  Creating a calming environment (lights, candles, music/bluetooth, oil diffuser, etc)

  • -  Water therapy (bath, shower)

  • -  Assisting with Hypnobirthing techniques/breathing encouraging praise

  • -  Hydrating and feeding mum

  • -  Hands-on infant feeding support.

  • -  I have Doterra essential oils for labour and birth, that you're welcome to use

  • -  Rebozo wrap for pain relief/support

  • -  Allowing partner to have a break, rest or eat

  • -  Anything else you feel will help you have the positive birth experience you desire

  • -back-up support by highly qualified doula partners

After birth

I usually remain with you for one or two hours ofter birth, or until you are comfortable and your family is ready for quiet time together. I can also help with initial breastfeeding, if necessary. I am available to answer questions about the birth or your baby at any time and would like to get together with you within a few weeks to see how you and your baby are doing, and to review the birth. The postpartum visits will also be helping with chores or with other children, helping give mum a nap if she desires and helping with the hormonal and emotional side of having a new baby.


As a doula I do NOT:

1) Perform clinical tasks, such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, and others. I am there to provide physical comfort and emotion and informational support.

2) Make decisions for you. I will help you get the information necessary to make an informed decision. I will also remind you if there is a departure from your scheduled birth plan.

3) Speak to the staff on your behalf. I will discuss your concerns with you and suggest options, but you or your partner will need to speak directly to the clinical staff when making a medical decision.


Fee: $1,500 (Payment plans available)


My birth doula package includes-

  • complementary initial meet n greet

  • 2 prenatal visits (often more)

  • 24/7 support by phone starting at 37 weeks then until you have your baby

  • continuous home and hospital labor support

  • use of my essential oils recipes if needed to help with natural remedies (Doterra) and all my other doula essentials, including books, DVDs and TENS Machine

  • Write up a baby story for you from my notes I would take during your labor

  • I can take photos/video of the labor, if desired

  • back-up support by highly qualified doula partners

  • 2x 3 hour postpartum visits during your child's first 6 weeks

Doula + Birth photography package fee: $2000

  • All birth doula benefits +

  • -on call from 37 weeks, arriving once in active labour until 2 hours postpartum.

  • -a few announcement photos within 24hours after birth.

  • -professional high resolution photos via digital download from my online gallery











Until the hospitals allow 2 or more support people back in, I have to offer a unique package. Due to Covid restrictions at the hospitals, the labouring person is only allowed 1 support person when they head to the hospital to have their baby. So as a doula we have to be flexible and adapt by still offering all that we can as a doula normally would during pregnancy and postpartum but the flexibility comes into play when you go into labour. I am still very happy to come to your home and help support you during your labour, until you feel comfortable to go to hospital, in which I will then still be available 24/7 virtually for you and your partners support whether that be for informational support (advocating when trying to make decisions if things arise) or by sharing labour suggestions to get your through and emotional support. Can you really have a doula provide support at a distance? Yup! No matter where you are in the world, I offer my virtual doula services to you if you don't have any doulas near you or your hospital is restricting your support people due to Covid. During Covid-times some parents have requested a combination of in-person and virtual. For example, virtual support prior to labor, in-person the day of labor, or vise versa, as some hospitals only allow one support person. I also can be there virtually if mum or bub need emergency care or a c-section, so the partner can go with bub to NICU and I can still 'be there' so that mum is not alone while in recovery or surgery. I can also remind and advocate for mum if she wants to have skin to skin asap, breastfeeding etc. I have even helped a couple who were having number #2 but had no family support around to look after their eldest when she was going into labour so their partner stayed home to look after their 1st, while I took her to hospital to have bub.

In a Virtual Platform, I can provide almost everything I offer in person:


-guidance, suggestions and reassurance for partner

-help to find a comfortable position

-reminders about rest, hydration and nutrition

-breathing, relaxation and coping skills

-help to answer questions that may arise, if things slow down, etc

-help to formulate questions for medical care-providers (if at the hospital)

The main goal of my work is to make my heart and mind available to my clients. It’s been a lonely journey for many pregnant people. I can be a companion on the journey, an experienced navigator, and a knowledgeable objective guide who deeply cares. I am accessible prenatally, during birth, and in the postpartum period to answer questions regarding pregnancy, the birth process & proposed interventions, and caring for mom and baby in the postpartum period.

My virtual birth doula package includes-

  • complementary initial meet n greet

  • 2 extensive (often more) prenatal visits

  • My “Doula Box” of supplies I would typically bring in-person to births (If your in Sydney)

  • 24 hour on-call support from 37-until you have your baby

  • birth support, possibly in-person prior to leaving for birth location, depending on your location, otherwise virtual

  • 2x 3 hour postpartum support home visits

  • back-up support by highly qualified doula partners

Hospital virtual doula + photography package: $1800

  • all birth doula benefits +

  • labour photography and then Fresh48 hour photos once you arrive back home.

  • professional high resolution photos via digital download from my online gallery

*I also do placenta encapsulation for an additional $250.

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